Basement Egress Systems

Basement Egress Systems

Don't settle for a dark basement that offers you no form of escape in an emergency. When you want a basement that doesn’t look and feel like a basement, come to Clearview construction. We can install high-quality basement egress windows in your Long Island home, and completely transform your lower living spaces.

  • Energy Efficient Windows that meet all Egress Codes.

  • Add natural light to your basement with our Long Island company's basement egress window installation services.

  • Beautiful Wells that can be used as an Emergency Exit.

  • Easily removable well covers that support over 500 lbs.

With our reliable materials and superb workmanship, you can enjoy large windows that provide both, natural light and a safe escape in case of emergency. Bring your home up to code with spacious wells and well covers- get in touch with us for your free estimate!

Egress Basement Systems



What is a basement egress window?

Egress means “the action of going out of or leaving a place”. A basement egress window is a window that is specifically designed to act as an emergency exit in a basement living space.

Can any type of window be used in my basement as an egress window?

Egress windows must meet certain criteria and be installed correctly to meet local building codes and safety standards. We only install windows that meet local building codes and always follow manufacturers installation specifications.

What systems do you offer?

We deal with several different manufacturers to bring you quality products that suit your home’s décor, family’s needs and meet all local building codes.

• Wellcraft Wells that are affordable

• Rockwell Wells that look like real stone

• Custom Handcrafted Wells that are customized by you

Why should I install a basement egress system in my home?

The most important reason is safety. Having a basement egress system provides your home with an additional exit so you and your family can get out in an emergency. Many towns require basement egress systems in any livable basement space. In addition to added peace of mind you will also increase the amount of natural light in your basement and increase the value of your home.

How long does the installation take?

Typically we are able to install a full egress system in one day. It may take longer depending on your interior finishing requests or if you choose to have us install a custom handcrafted egress system.

Why should I choose Clearview Construction of Long Island to install my basement egress system?

We’re more than just egress. We are experts in all form of masonry from small repair work, to patios, to structural foundation repairs and waterproofing. Clearview Construction has been Licensed, Insured and serving Long Island, NY for over ten years.

Do you install gravel with your egress systems?

We always install our egress systems to the manufacturers recommended specifications. Typically, this involves the installation of pea gravel underneath and behind each well. Gravel prevents shifting of the well as the earth settles and helps with drainage around and under the well.

What happens with the debris from my project?

At Clearview Construction of Long Island, we always strive to always use best building practices and meet all local building codes and regulations. We guarantee that we will always properly and legally dispose of any debris from your project.

Do egress systems come with a cover?

Covers are a very important part of any egress system. We install complete egress systems with covers that are rated up to 500 lbs. Not only will it keep someone from falling into the well and getting injured, but it will keep out weather and debris which means less maintenance and cleaning.